Service Schedule: July to September


6/30(土) 18:00 5th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
7/1() 10:00 5th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

7/6(金)18:00 Nativity of St. John the Baptist Vigil
7/7(土) 8:00 Nativity of St. John the Baptist Liturgy

7/7(土) 18:00 6th Sunday Vigil・All Japan Assembly
7/8() 10:00 6th Sunday Liturgy・All Japan Assembly

7/11(水) 18:00  Peter and Paul Vigil
7/12(木)8:00  Peter and Paul  Liturgy

7/14(土) 18:00 7th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
7/15() 10:00 7th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

7/21(土) 18:00 8th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
7/22() 10:00 8th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

7/28(土) 18:00 9th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
7/29() 10:00 9th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy


8/4(土) 18:00 10th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
8/5() 10:00 10th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

8/11(土) 18:00 11th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
8/12() 10:00 11th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

8/18(土) 18:00 The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord・12th Sunday Vigil
8/19() 10:00 The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord・12th Sunday Liturgy

8/25(土) 18:00 13th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
8/26() 10:00 13th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

8/27(月) 18:00 The Dormition of the Theotokos Vigil
8/28(火) 10:00 The Dormition of the Theotokos Liturgy


9/1 Sat 18:00 14th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
9/2 Sun 10:00 14th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

9/8 Sat 18:00 15th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
9/9 Sun 10:00 15th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

9/10 Mon 18:00 The Beheading of the Baptist John Vigil
9/11 Tue 08:00 The Beheading of the Baptist John Liturgy

9/15 Sat 18:00 16th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
9/16 Sun 10:00 16th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

9/20 Thu 18:00 The Nativity of  the Theotokos Vigil
9/21 Fri 10:00  The Nativity of  the Theotokos Liturgy

9/22 Sat 18:00 17th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
9/23 Sun 10:00 17th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy

9/26 Wed 18:00 The Exaltation of the Cross Vigil
9/27     Thu 10:00 The Exaltation of the Cross Liturgy

9/29 Sat 18:00 18th Sunday after Pentecost Vigil
9/30 Sun 10:00 18th Sunday after Pentecost Liturgy