Important announcement

Important announcement: worship will be conducted in the closed cathedral.

Due to the recent re-expansion of the coronavirus infection, the Government of Japan implemented “priority preventive measures”. Accordingly, starting from Saturday, January 29, the Holy Resurrection Cathedral will be closed to the public and all the worship will be conducted only by the clergy.

On Sunday, January 23, during the Feast of the Theophany Divine Liturgy and the Great Blessing of Waters, we ask all worshippers to be careful, wear masks, avoid speaking in the cathedral and keep proper social distance. If you have any signs of fever, sore throat, etc., please refrain from coming to the cathedral.

Funerals will be held in the usual way, but we ask to minimize the attendants of all ceremonies as much as possible. Please contact the priest in case you applied for Baptism during the period of restrictions.

We ask all the members of our Church for understanding and cooperation. Please refrain from attending other churches during this period. The reopening of the cathedral will be announced separately.